NH Hotel Group partnership

nhow Rotterdam, Netherlands.



MyHotelBike is honoured to be partners with the NH Hotel Group, who have more than 400 hotels worldwide. Thanks to this, the potential to impact a global cycling culture is immense. MyHotelBike has the ambition to collaborate with luxurious hotel chains around the world, while offering the travel industry a new sustainable and comfortable way of enjoying the city.


Green Future

A collaboration with the NH Hotel Group instantly means that the goal to create a cycling culture across the globe is one step closer. MyHotelBike now has the chance to place bikes at many NH Hotel Group hotels, providing a huge growth opportunity, while securing a Green future for MyHotelBike. This is the first major partnership since Meininger Hotels Benelux and Germany — by uniting MyHotelBike with more luxurious, international, and global hotel chains the opportunity to seriously expand is there.



NH Berlin Kurfürstendamm, Germany.



The Global Head of Accounts at MyHotelBike, Ronel Giliam-Andriessen, was interviewed about the process of forming this partnership. He shared that the formation was not established overnight, and dates back to November of 2018. He travelled to Berlin, with the intention to link the first hotels in Germany with MyHotelBike. He met with several managers and representatives of the NH Hotel Group, talking about the possible opportunities of a collaboration. There was mutual enthusiasm to establish a valuable and sustainable partnership, which was officially established in late 2019. Ronel, in his Hawaiian printed shirt, finalised the paperwork and confidently cycled to the postal service. This is an exciting development for MyHotelBike and an accomplishment for Ronel himself.


“Ronel, in his Hawaiian printed shirt, finalised the paperwork and confidently cycled to the postal service.”


Relationships with worldwide hotel chains, such as, Hilton, Meininger and the NH Hotel Group, paired with a rapidly thriving business, like MyHotelBike, provide long-term sustainability. This allows MyHotelBike to further establish themselves as a relevant brand on a global scale. Of course, it is essential that the infrastructure in the cities are accommodating to cyclists, however it is MyHotelBike’s aim, with their continuous growth, to inspire cities to make these changes.



NH Hamburg Mitte, Germany.


Crossing borders

MyHotelBike is now partnered with hotels of various labels by the NH Hotel Group, who are located in nearly 30 countries.  Such as, NH Collection and nhow, boasting 11 NH Hotels collaborating with MyHotelBike in the Netherlands. In Germany, MyHotelBike made a start with 4 NH Hotels, based in Berlin, and 3 in Hamburg. Following this there are big plans to grow throughout the whole of Germany, and across borders. Undoubtedly, MyHotelBike intends to grow alongside this.