Cycling at Hotel2Stay, with Lara

Hotel2Stay Bike, Lara van Poortvliet

Lara setting the right example © Hotel2Stay


Co-Founder and CMO of MyHotelBike Francisco Lujano Benavides took an interview with Lara van Poortvliet, Sales & Marketing Manager of Hotel2Stay. Read how Lara inspired him with stories about cycling in Amsterdam and her vision at Hotel2Stay.


What does cycling mean to you?
It’s so imbedded in our culture and we can’t live without our bikes.


And to Hotel2Stay?
Easy access to the city and you get the real local experience.


Why do Amsterdammers just love to cycle?
It’s the fastest way of transportation, it’s free and you can almost park anywhere you want.



People from all over the world fall in love with Amsterdam, why is that?
It’s a charming city with such character and beautiful heritage everywhere you go.


How do you see bikes making a difference in this world?
It’s a green way of transportation and a great workout.


How can Amsterdam keep inspiring other cities?
Amsterdam offers bicycle rental throughout the city which makes it easy for tourists to get their hands on a bike with ease. In the outskirts of Amsterdam there are even energy generating cycling paths that create energy.

Creative illustration © Hotel2Stay

Creative illustration © Hotel2Stay


What does Hotel2Stay stand for?
Making our guest feel at home with our fully equipped studio’s in a convenient location.


What are your goals with Hotel2Stay?
Creating a home away from home feeling with a local touch for our guests.


How do bikes fit in these goals?
It’s within our Dutch culture and we love sharing this experience.


How can we keep improving the hotel world together?
Offering green ways that improve the environment in a fun way.




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