A Cityden Up bike for ‘peace of mind’

Custom-made red Cityden Up Bike © MyHotelBike


Amsterdam is more popular than ever among tourists and business travellers. This obviously means that finding a good, budget place to stay for a visit can be extremely hard. Sometimes it is better to start looking for the options on the outskirts of the city that do not only allow an easy access to the city but also peace and quietness. In this article we want to introduce Cityden Up hotel in Amstelveen and what it offers for business travellers.


Do you find a red plastic penguin in your room? It is one of the funny trademarks of the hotel.


The hotel is located in Amstelveen which is a small town next to Amsterdam but often perceived like a residential area of Amsterdam. The Zuidas, Amsterdam’s main financial hub is located nearby and if you are in Amsterdam for business, this is where you will most likely need to travel to. Cityden Up offers brand new hotel-apartments which is a concept by Cityden.com. In these apartments you can have a certain feeling of hominess (similar to AirBnB) without having to worry about unexpected cancellations.


The actual rooms are very modern and offer unique features such as foldable beds. Colourful walls and furnitures will help reduce work stress and thanks to the quiet location, you can be sure that the traffic will not disturb your night sleep. The rooms are very clean and good-sized with interesting details. Do you find a red plastic penguin in your room? It is one of the funny trademarks of the hotel.


Logo on the Cityden Up Bike © MyHotelBike


When you are on a business trip, eating nutritious, well-balanced meals is not always possible. Between eating out and trying to squeeze in healthy meals between meetings, you might find yourself often lost. Cityden Up offers a solution for this too. All their apartments feature a fully equipped kitchen which gives you the chance to prepare your own home-made meals for your meetings in advance. The closest grocery store Albert Heijn is only a 10-minutes walk away from the apartment so getting the groceries done will not be a hassle either. If you are really short on time, there is the option to pop by at Lucy’s Kitchen which is located on the 6th floor of Cityden Up. Instead of having to settle with bitterballen or croquettes, you will find some delicious salads made with fresh ingredients.


Mark Rutte has been pictured cycling to the Kings’ palace for a meeting so why wouldn’t you do the same?


Wondering how to get to those early meetings in the city? The tram and metro stop is just a 5 minutes walk away from the hotel but we think that biking is even a quicker and better option. The Dutch prime minister Mark Rutte has been pictured cycling to the Kings’ palace for a meeting so why wouldn’t you do the same?


Cityden Up is one of the many collaborators of MyHotelBike so you will have the option to hire a Cityden Up bike directly through the hotel. Renting a bike will cost you around 15 euros a day. It’s a shiny red hotel bike designed by Cityden Up and MyHotelBike. The bike has 3 gears, hand brakes and a smooth appearance for business and casual occasions. As a finishing touch the bike carries matching red/black luggage straps. In case you have a meeting in the Zuidas, on a Cityden Up bike you’ll reach it within 10 minutes.


Your meeting is finally over and you have some little time for yourself? Ride back from the city. But before returning to the hotel, pay a little visit to the Amsterdamse Bos first. Located only 10 minutes from Cityden Up, Amsterdamse Bos is Amsterdam’s largest park and recreational area. In this park you find many different sport activities and cafes, even a goat farm. Discover it all with your Cityden Up bike. You’ll make the most out of your business trip, feeling like you were on a holiday.


Text by Jenna Rutanen
Photos by Achie Louni




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